-I was very sceptical about it all. But decided to give it a go... I believe you have to give everything a go before you can knock it. And the first thing Nikita said was bang on point and then the next and the next. I walked out of my 45min session feelling like I can concour mountains. I woke up the next morning and the pain I had experienced for weeks on end was completely gone. My emotional state was calm and peaceful and with all the chaos around me I felt a complete sense of relief. I am totally addicted and will be back on a weekly basis. Thank you do much for healing my soul. 

-I knew I had to do some emotional healing but didn’t know where to start on my own, Nikita gave me so much more than I could imagine just in one session! I’m excited to continue this journey and share it with the world..-Sonya Louise Sunshinecoast Qld


-My husband and I completed the hypnobirthing course through Nikita before the birth of our first child because I had anxiety around childbirth and although I wanted to have a natural birth I was planning to have a Caesarean..

After the course, I felt calm around the thought of the birth and felt empowered that I was able to birth on my own and my husband was so much more supported and connected throughout the labour than I had expected.

We had an amazing experience and I feel so much stronger for it..-Sarah Robinson Annerly Qld

-For anyone looking to clear blockages and release negative emotions in their bodies and lives I can highly recommend Nikita. I have had a couple of sessions now and have felt such a difference and I look forward to clearing more in future kinesiology sessions. It is extremely powerful and has such a positive impact on my life. Thanks Nikita. -Laura Chamberlain Cooroibah Qld


-Nikita is highly professional and comes from a loving space full of integrity for her client’s well-being.-Sarah Harmon Nambour Qld

-Nikita is devine ❤ I recently completed her 6 week Self Love course with a small group of other beautiful souls.
Nikita has the most kind and gentle heart and a wonderful ability to listen.
Through the duration of the course and during the group and one on one sessions with Nikita, I was able to focus on me and move through a lot of emotional issues I have been holding on to.
I had been experiencing ongoing pain in my sacrum for about 5 months with multiple scans & xrays the doctors couldn't determine what was wrong. During a one on one kneisiology session, Nikita found I was holding some emotional pain in that area, we worked on releasing it and and since then, the pain has significantly faded away I can sit comfortably without pain.
I am looking forward to doing some more work with Nikita as I feel very comfortable with her and her beautiful ability to listen and feel.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your work xx-Nikita Copplins

-Hey Nikita, thank you so much for all of the awesome kinesiology sessions we have had - it’s only been 3 but you have really helped me to release so much emotional pain and issues and have guided me to make the changes I needed to make. I can’t express how much I appreciate your abilities and kindness, which has helped me so much in such a little time. I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with you and would definitely recommend you to anyone needing to release emotional pain. You are such a kind, genuine soul and you’ve played such a big part in my healing - thank you so much 😘- Janelle Infalletta

-Nikita is a walking angel, no words can truly capture both her nature and her passion for work. I was blessed to have met Nikita in such a crucial point of my young life. After numerous life experiences I was left with emotional and physical trauma that I subconsciously carried around with me every day. Although from an outside perspective I was a young, fit, healthy, young male and extremely happy. Nikita is so welcoming and comforting both at a friendly and professional manner. This allows a natural connection between her and her clients. Her knowledge is powerful yet at the same time grounding. Within a few sessions I had a higher level of understanding both my emotions and emotions attached to certain situations. I felt empowered to change both my lifestyle and thinking patterns. After one session I was left so empowered that every day I would continually work on myself to make both myself, my family and friends and Nikita proud as well. I’ve spoken to numerous friends and family about Nakita’s work and could not recommend her enough. I was in a position that I was tossing up between anti-depressants or spiritual healing and I am so glad to have chosen Nikita and blessed with her assistance and nurture. I was nervous at first, but I now eagerly await my next appointment because I can’t wait to see myself grow and overcome these internal issues we all carry with us. 

Nikita from the bottom of my heart I can not thank you enough. These words do not do you justice. All I can say is trust me, trust others. Kinesiology is eye opening and beyond powerful I am thankful every day because of you and your passion to help others.-Jordy Darney