-I was very sceptical about it all. But decided to give it a go... I believe you have to give everything a go before you can knock it. And the first thing Nikita said was bang on point and then the next and the next. I walked out of my 45min session feelling like I can concour mountains. I woke up the next morning and the pain I had experienced for weeks on end was completely gone. My emotional state was calm and peaceful and with all the chaos around me I felt a complete sense of relief. I am totally addicted and will be back on a weekly basis. Thank you do much for healing my soul. 

-I knew I had to do some emotional healing but didn’t know where to start on my own, Nikita gave me so much more than I could imagine just in one session! I’m excited to continue this journey and share it with the world..-Sonya Louise Sunshinecoast Qld


-My husband and I completed the hypnobirthing course through Nikita before the birth of our first child because I had anxiety around childbirth and although I wanted to have a natural birth I was planning to have a Caesarean..

After the course, I felt calm around the thought of the birth and felt empowered that I was able to birth on my own and my husband was so much more supported and connected throughout the labour than I had expected.

We had an amazing experience and I feel so much stronger for it..-Sarah Robinson Annerly Qld

-For anyone looking to clear blockages and release negative emotions in their bodies and lives I can highly recommend Nikita. I have had a couple of sessions now and have felt such a difference and I look forward to clearing more in future kinesiology sessions. It is extremely powerful and has such a positive impact on my life. Thanks Nikita. -Laura Chamberlain Cooroibah Qld


-Nikita is highly professional and comes from a loving space full of integrity for her client’s well-being.-Sarah Harmon Nambour Qld